Just wanted to let you know that, as usual, I am filled with work (studying and all those other activities I have), so I won’t be here too regularly from now on. 

Person: Why are you crying?
Me: I'm not crying, I just have Pandora Hearts in my eyes.

No matter how many times you feel that way, there will always be warmth here.  Even if it was a mistake, I don’t care, I’ll always be by your side. With the sound of tears and the looks of a sigh, I’m sure this is where we are now. 

Dedicated To Dena


ahahahahah no wonder theres no episode twelve


"i’m sorry, alice. i have no strength left in me… to fulfill your wish. but at least, let me open a passage… to show them the way" (transparent)

International Fanbook for Mochizuki-sensei – Masterpost


International Fanbook for Mochizuki-sensei – Masterpost

Hey guys! So, this is going to be the masterpost for the International Fanbook for Mochizuki-sensei. I am going to be taking down the link to the masterpost for the popularity poll, since that ends in roughly 2~3 days,…


I’m just a ghost on the highway
                                                 of fallen kings

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ED  Sakura Chiyo